New Billing Policy

New Billing Policy in effect from January 1st, 2023.

Current Fee List January 2023


For five years we have provided bulk-billing services to all patients.

With high inflation and many years of Medicare rebates increasing below inflation, the current rebate you receive from the government is worth about half what it was when Medicare was introduced.

For example, during the last decade, Medicare rebates have increased by about 1% per year. This is well below the increase in staff wages, rent and utilities. This year, inflation has climbed higher than 7%. The government’s response was a paltry 1.6% rebate increase.

Your Medicare rebate is insufficient to meet our costs and as a result, in most circumstances, you will be charged a consultation fee. We are mindful that many people are feeling the crunch of inflation, and we have aimed to keep the out-of-pocket costs lower than surrounding practices and the Australian Medical Association’s recommended fees. We have tried to balance affordable access and practice viability as best we can.Please remember that the Medicare rebate set by the government is your rebate for our services and does not represent the true cost of providing that service. We simply cannot continue to absorb the cost of chronic government underfunding of general practice. Furthermore, many GPs are retiring and trainee doctors are electing more financially viable career choices. The Health Minister, Mark Butler, has said, “general practice is in the most parlous state I think it’s been in the 40-year history of Medicare…the fact that only about 15 percent of young medical graduates are choosing a career in general practice is, frankly, terrifying.”

In order to attract GPs to the clinic and the Greater Frankston area, we have to provide the financial incentive for them to come. Simply put, bulk-billing is no longer attractive to doctors who wish to take the time to care for their patients as bulk-billing favours turnstile medicine which we do not endorse.
We know that this is disappointing for many patients. We encourage you to contact your local MP to express your disappointment at the erosion of bulk-billing and encourage them to invest in general practice. We have provided a letter for you to sign and send:

Letter Template Dunkley MP

Current Fee List January 2023